Toddler Program: Creative Curriculum


Creative Curriculum in Early Childhood Development

Our Early Childhood Educators base their decision about the approach they take towards childhood development with consideration of three areas:

  • Research-based child development strategies and understanding of how children learn.
  • The individual strengths, needs and interest of each unique child in our program.
  • With our families and in community with our surrounding cultures.

There are five principles that The Creative Curriculum incorporates which inform the logic, intentional setting and operations of our Early Childhood environment. These 5 principles are:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: Positive interactions and relationships with adult-child.
  • COMPETENCE: Social-emotional competence in early childhood atmosphere.
  • PLAY: Constructive and purposeful play supports essential learning.
  • SPACE: The physical environment affects the quality of learning interactions.
  • FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Teacher-family collaborations promote positive children development and learning.

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool utilizes these building blocks as the foundation. Stagg Street Center for Children believes that this curriculum arms our teachers as they develop our students with positive interactions, support social-emotional growth, create a rich learning environments and foster strong home-center connections.

Sources: From Lev Vygotsky (zone of proximal development and scaffolding), Erik Erikson (stages of psychosocial development), Jean Piaget (purposeful play), and John Dewey (the physical environment, materials, families and community cultures affect children’s learning)

We offer both affordable private and subsidized payment options. See our FAQs page for more information.

Program Features

  • Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Snack(s)
  • Play Space: Indoor/Outdoor (onsite)
  • Daily start time: 8:00 AM
  • Pick up time: 5:45 PM
  • Length of day: Half day + Full day
  • Early drop off available: Contact Us
  • Late pick up available: Contact Us
  • Open door policy: Yes
  • Toilet Training: Yes
  • Multilingual Staff: Spanish
  • Creative Curriculum