Mission Statement

The Bushwick Improvement Society (BIS) is a registered 501C(3), originally sponsoring the Horace E. Greene Day Care Center, and currently sponsoring the Stagg Street Center For Children. The BIS has been in operation since February 4, 1969 and was established to improve the community environment and create an educational institution for children ages 2 – 12.


 Determined to confront the community crises of drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS and teen pregnancy the Bushwick Improvement Society, with more than forty five years of child development experiences and advocacy, has designed a comprehensive program that uses the family unit as a model. We believe that youngsters must be provided with a safe, challenging and supportive atmosphere in which to grow; it is our belief that the absence of such a setting is detrimental to a child’s growth and development, often leading to a density of failure.


To inspire life-long learning through critical thinking, social and mobility skill development.


We believe that effective early childhood education will provide children from all backgrounds with a strong start and a solid foundation for success in school.