Value Statement

At the Stagg Street Center for Children, we believe in the following VALUES:

  1. RESPECT:  We respect each other;we demonstrate to our students how to respect their peers and adult.
  2. TRUST: We promote confidentiality with our teachers, parents, children and administration.
  3. SAFETY: We aim to create an environment that is a safe haven for our parents and students.
  4. QUALITY: We seek to promote a strong curriculum that aligns with the New York State Common Core Standards and School Readiness Goals.
  5. INTEGRITY: We are honest to ourselves, children, parents and the community.
  6. RESPONSIBILITY: We show responsibilities for our actions and humble ourselves to correct our mistakes.
  7. PASSION: We inspire young minds. We love our students like our own children.
  8. DIVERSITY: We strive to be culturally sensitive and advocate equity and inclusion in our work ethnics.
  9. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: We are self-esteem boosters and solution creators to promote successful learners.